Why Print in Colour?

Why Print in Colour

Why Print in Colour?

Although many businesses understand the benefits of colour printing their marketing and training documents, some often look at this area of the business when they need to cut costs. Much research however has been done on the positive effect that colour printing documents has on brand recognition, brand recall, increasing the readers attention span and increasing their power to retain the knowledge, and although by cutting these costs in the short term they are saving, they may be doing detrimental damage to their brand in the long run.

Lets have a look at a few of these interesting statistics on colour printing:

Colour printing documents can improve brand recognition by up to 80% – A very simple exercise here is to imagine the Coca-Cola logo, what colour do you immediately think of? It’s red isn’t it? Not black or white or grey, but red. Letterheads, logos, slogans and company colours all have a psychological impact on the consumer. If you are not colour printing these items, you may be hindering the growth of your brand.

Colour printing increases learning and retention by 78% – Much like highlighting a black and white document with colour, certain images or words stand out to the reader more when colour printing a document. This image, word or phrase is then stored and recalled more easily than when items are  not highlighted or printed in colour.

Colour printing helps the selling process by 80% – By colour printing marketing and sales collateral, your product or service immediately looks professional, trustworthy and of high quality. This will improve communication to potential clients and therefore increase sales.

Colour printing invoices improves payment rates by 30% – A sense of urgency is created when highlighting the amount due and the due date in an invoice, this leads to faster payments and lower debtors days.

Colour printing improves direct mail opening rate by 55% – Studies have shown that consumers will pick up and open a colour envelope before picking up a white envelope. This allows your message to be read and responded to more quickly than if colour had not been used.

It is clear that in order to increase your brands visibility,improve sales and reduce your debtors colour printing is vital and should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense.
There are many more reasons to print in colour that have not been mentioned above. Below we hightlight why people choose to print in colour.
Infographic: Why Print in Colour
Why Print in Colour
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