The Role of the Multifunction Printer in the 2019 Workplace

The Role of the Multifunction Printer in the 2019 Workplace

While workplaces are undoubtedly striving for a more paperless existence, there is still a need for paper in the modern office space and the multifunction printer is becoming a preferred option for several reasons. Although they entered the market for homes and small businesses, multifunction printers now have the capacity for working on a larger scale which has seen them enter the big business market.

Multifunction Printers in the Workplace

Here are some of the reasons the multifunction printer is such a win.

  1. Cost savings

These machines are able to print, copy, scan and fax – hence the name – and are effectively a four-in-one solution. This saves businesses on the cost of excess machinery which involves ongoing maintenance costs as well. While the initial cost may be higher than a traditional printer, the additional functions make this a cost-effective purchase overall.

  1. Sustainability

The carbon footprint of any business is a big consideration these days which makes investing in energy-efficient machinery incredibly important. The multifunction printer options include low-energy models and the duplex printing mode for a reduction in ink use. There are also a range of eco-friendly ink types on the market for additional energy reduction.

  1. Convenience

The ability to perform a multitude of tasks with one machine is ultimately a major convenience for any workplace. Some organisations do require fax copies which is something that might have to be outsourced otherwise. Scanning and printing using the same machine is also a major benefit for any business.

  1. User friendliness

For years, printers would be more ‘out-of-order’ than functional with endless printer jams and toner or ink replacements needed. The modern multifunction printer is manufactured to ensure ease of use suited to the high-demand workplace environment. Automated software will now diagnose any faults so the user is alerted with instructions on how to repair the machine. They even alert the user as to when ink and toner is low.

  1. Fitting in

Practically speaking, the multifunction printer saves up significant space in the workplace. Where a company had to find room for four pieces of equipment, there is only space needed for one convenient, all-in-one machine. This is particularly helpful in offices with limited space and is beneficial in that there is more room for staff if needed. The modern multifunction printer is also an incredibly attractive piece of equipment which adds aesthetic value to the workplace. The sleek look is perfectly suited to any trendy office.

  1. Great connectivity

The rise in remote workplaces means that employees need to be able to use multiple devices – phones, tablets and computers – with the ability to connect to the office equipment from afar, which means no wired connections. Multifunction printers enhance business efficiency by allowing this remote activation, and they’re compatible with all modern software devices.

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As with all office equipment, colour multifunction printers come in a range of sizes, makes and models suited to various business needs. Whether you are a small digital marketing agency needing a basic colour MFP or a dynamic Business Intelligence Software company offering Power BI tools who need the a fast scanning device. It’s worth consulting with industry professionals to ensure you’re investing in the ideal colour or black and white multifunction printer for your workplace.