SmartScan uses an intuitive and user-friendly system of icons that makes it easy for anyone to choose between the various destinations a scan can be sent to.

SmartScan makes scanning simple

SmartScan is a HyPAS Application that improves the productivity of your business.
About SmartScan

With SmartScan you can give your users shortcuts for the most frequently used scan operations. Instead of clicking through menus trying to find the right settings, users enjoy an intuitive interface that enables them to scan to various destinations with only few clicks. Even complex operations like scanning to the personal network folder become an easy task. SmartScan runs embedded on the device and is easy to set up – ideal for any small and medium sized organisation.

  • Scan to fax: Connect to the central fax server and use the MFP like a fax machine. Just enter the fax number or select it from the address book.
  • Scan to personal folder or e-mail: Logged in users scan to their private network folder or e-mail address with just one touch.
  • Scan settings: With just one click change file format, resolution, page size, colour mode and settings for double sided scanning.
  • Address book: Access the local or external address book directly from SmartScan.
  • Scan to folder: Scan to a predefined network folder with just one click; ideal to centrally share or archive your scans.
  • Scan to e-mail: Just enter an e-mail address or select it from the address book to send a scan by e-mail.

Business Challenges

  • Finding all the correct settings for scanning can be time consuming and difficult – How can I make it easier?
  • Faxing is expensive, and although used less than in former times, it is still an essential requirement – How can I send faxes more economically?
  • Documents that should be stored in a central folder are first scanned to the user’s inbox and then saved in the folder manually – How can I scan directly into the folder?

Your Advantages with SmartScan

  • SmartScan offers one-click operations that are easy to use and save time.
  • SmartScan connects to the central fax server and enables the MFP to send faxes without additional hardware or fax line.
  • SmartScan sends a scan into a central folder or the user’s home folder with just one click.