Save With Lamp-Free Projectors

Save With Lamp-Free Projectors

Lamp-free projection technology can help businesses make valuable budget savings in a variety of ways. We know how business budgets are, which is why Casio strive to design the most cost-effective technology systems possible. From shrinking power consumption to leading recycling programmes, Casio work hard to find creative new ways for you to save.

3 Ways To Save With Lamp-Free Projectors

Here are some of the top three ways lamp-free projection helps you save every day:

1. Lamp-free: a replacement solution for replacement parts

It’s called the razor-razorblade model; the razor itself costs one thing, sure, but the company really makes its money off of all the razorblades you need to buy (and keep buying) to make it actually shave.

It’s the same model in traditional lamp-based projection. While your business may invest in the projector, your budget always needs to have the contingency to factor in for replacement lamps and filters.

This is one place where lamp-free projection really shines. Casio developed its lamp-free system using sustainable light sources – laser and LED – to create the imagery, completely eliminating the need for a lamp.

Additionally, as the display runs cool, there is no need for a fan-and-filter system, cutting back on replacement parts even more.

Casio’s laser and LED projectors also have instant on-off capabilities, so presenters save even more time as they don’t need to wait for their projectors to warm up or cool down between meetings, allowing for more dynamic sessions.

This boils down to a major parts savings, as well as a reduction in downtime. Maintaining a lamp-based projection takes time out of a busy IT department’s day, as well as out of business hours while they make the change. Lamp-free projection saves this time for businesses.

2. Power (savings) to the people

Lamp-free projection also offers incredible power savings, thanks to its sustainable light source – up to 50% in some cases!

Lipson Co-operative Academy began switching to lamp-free several years ago after becoming frustrated with the limitations of their old lamp-based projection system.

Adam Hodgess, Learning Technology Manager at the Lipson Co-operative Academy explained:

“We were getting frustrated with the lifespan of the lamp projectors, as the components needed replacing every two to three years which, when you have 73 of them, is a significant and labour-intensive task.”

Lamp-free technology is considerably more efficient than other systems, providing an expected 20,000-hour projector lifetime, and drastically decreased electricity usage.

“From running our own tests, we estimated that in terms of power consumption, a standard lamp-based projector costs R40 per hour to run compared to R23 for our Casio models. Over the course of a year, our calculations tell us that this results in a saving of R22 000 in electricity for our whole projector display portfolio. This is making a real difference to our overall eco-credentials.”

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3. Maintenance-free is the way to be

Perhaps the best savings that lamp-free projection can provide is drastically reducing the maintenance required and improving performance over time.

Traditional lamp-based projectors often suffer from performance issues such as brightness degradation and lamp failure, which creates a cycle of maintenance call-outs that can be costly for businesses. In addition to the usual issues of burnt-out lamps, the constant maintenance of lamp-based projectors is a hidden budget line. Hence why lamp-free projection is so important.

Michael Dean, IT manager at Bishop Challoner Catholic College explained:

“We used to spend a lot of money replacing projector lamps and keeping the projectors running. With new lamp-free projectors on the market now, we can write off that cost, which has really made a difference in terms of classroom technology – it’s a real fix-it-and-forget-it solution.”

“Teachers used to get frustrated with dim lamps, yellow projections or projectors overheating during a lesson due to blocked filters. Not any more! We took a leap to lamp-free projection a few years ago and haven’t looked back. That’s definitely helped to cut down on teachers visiting us. They just work.”

The performance benefits propel these lamp free projectors into another league, enhancing every meeting, seminar or viewing with quality imagery.

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