Photocopier Maintenance Agreements

Photocopier Maintenance Agreements

While the modern copiers, and particularly the top-level brands, are efficient, all machines will experience some ‘downtime’ that requires intervention.

What is a copier maintenance agreements?

A copier maintenance agreement – or service level agreement as they’re also known – is essentially insurance for when a copier needs repairs or replacements. The copier maintenance agreement will become more pertinent the older the machine gets.


What is included in a copier maintenance agreement?

Depending on the service provider, copier maintenance agreements will vary in the cost, as well as what exactly is covered. This is something that must be made very clear upfront, as you don’t want to enter in to a costly agreement, only to discover that vital aspects of copier maintenance are not included. Some of the agreement aspects included could be:

  • Consumables – ink, drums and paper
  • Specialised consumables – staples
  • Replacement parts
  • Repairs
  • Labour time
  • Travel time and costs

The price is the most important variable and will be determined by your copier model, maintenance needs and particular copier habits.

What are the risks of not having a copier maintenance agreement?

As with any investment, the risks do vary and you could very well get away with not having a copier maintenance agreement for a while. However – as with all machinery – eventually you are going to need some professional input because of a malfunction, and this is where a copier maintenance agreement is very beneficial.

Another reality of all machinery is that it needs to be regularly serviced or risks breaking down eventually. Without a copier maintenance agreement, you will have to cover the costs of regular services – and remember to do so – or risk a breakdown. Added to this is the associated costs of not having a printer for a few days, or even weeks.

And one of the biggest costs of copiers, after initial purchase, is the cost of ink. Without a copier maintenance agreement, you will have to include the replacement costs in your budget as well.

Should I Get a Copier Maintenance Agreement?

A good copier maintenance agreement will provide you with ease of mind and allow you to effectively budget for the cost of the machine as it spread out monthly rather than a big surprise bill for repairs.

Under a copier maintenance agreement, you are also more likely to have a designated specialist who will attend to your needs. This means that, rather than waiting for a company to come and assess the machine, you just need to call your supplier and the repairs will be done swiftly.

Investing in a copier maintenance agreement requires significant research to ensure you are getting exactly what you need in terms of copier repairs and replacements. As long as you are working with reputable office automation organisation, it is definitely worth investing in a copier maintenance agreement.