Panasonic PT-VMZ60 Series Portable Projectors

Panasonic PT-VMZ60 Series Portable Projectors

Flexibility defines the PT-VMZ60 Series, the world’s lightest LCD laser projectors developing up to 6,000 lm from a 7.2 kg (15.87 lbs) body.

Meet the World’s Smallest and Lightest 4,500–6,000 lumens Laser Projector Series

Weighing in at just 7.2kg, the VMZ60 and VMZ50 projector series feature five new models in WUXGA (PT-VMZ60, PT-VMZ50, PT-VMZ40) and WXGA (PT-VMW60, PT-VMW50). The light weight, compact design makes the projectors well suited for transportation between collaborative environments in corporate and education spaces.

Aimed at those looking to affordably transition from lamp to laser with simple screen projection settings, the range features 4,500-6,000 lumens brightness, enabling bright, sharp images with high colour accuracy for engaging images.

Both series promise 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation, due to new cooling technology, refined from our higher brightness range.

The projectors feature a 1.6x zoom lens for short throw-distances, as well as a wide V/H lens-shift. This enhances their flexibility making them ideal for use in small classrooms, meeting rooms, and limited spaces.

4 models are compatible with DIGITAL LINK™, for the simultaneous transmission of video, audio, and control signals through a single LAN cable across distances of up to 150m. Other features include a USB Memory Viewer function, and the potential to bring your own device when opting for the projector’s wireless module. This feature allows visitors to connect to the projector via an app and share information and documents regardless of seating location and without any cable hassle.

All projectors also support 4K and 30p signal input, making the range a futureproofed solution.


Carry it easily from room to room and let 1.6x zoom and Vertical/Horizontal Lens-Shift perfectly align large-format pictures on screen in spaces big or small. Easy setup is invaluable for permanent installation, where DIGITAL LINK and 4K signal input simplify integration. As a SOLID SHINE Laser projector, light-source operation extends to 20,000 hours with bright color maintained for longer. Designed for tomorrow to work hard today, the PT-VMZ60 Series is the smarter investment.

Bright, Color-Rich Images with High Contrast

Vivid Images in Bright Environments
SOLID SHINE Laser phosphor drive with advanced LCD optical engine projects bright, vivid, and detailed images regardless of artificial light levels in the room. Text is finely resolved, while graphics and video retain high color saturation and contrast for immersive viewing.

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High Brightness from a Compact Body
Deploy up to 6,000 lm of brightness from a projector weighing just 7.2 kg (15.87 lbs), currently the smallest and lightest LCD laser projector series in the world. High brilliance makes pictures pop even under the glare of interior lights, making projection more engaging than ever.

No Light-Source Replacement for 20,000 Hours
Laser light-source operation extends up to 20,000 hours, lowering maintenance cost, labor, and waste when compared to lamp-based alternatives. Organizations can slim down spare-part inventories and minimize downtime.

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High 3,000,000:1 Contrast
High-precision digital laser light output modulation achieves 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast while minimizing power consumption. High-contrast performance adds depth, dimensionality, and realism to video, defining details in shadows even when bright and dark scenes frequently interchange.

A Clearer View with Daylight View Basic
Daylight View Basic enhances sharpness by optimizing detail reproduction in dark areas of the image, which can be difficult to see in bright light. A sensor measures ambient light, allowing halftone color and brightness to be optimized to best suit the surrounding level of illumination.

Reusable Air Filter Extends Maintenance
In areas with average levels of dust, such as classrooms and offices, the projector’s air filter doesn’t require maintenance for up to 20,000 hours. The eco-friendly filter can be washed and reused up to two times, saving on replacement costs.

Easy Installation, Simple Setup

1.6x Zoom Lens and Lens Shift Function
The 1.6x zoom lens with flexible 1.09–1.77:1 throw-ratio enables large-format projection from close up or far away from the screen: ideal for permanent installation in large or small rooms. Wide-range Vertical/Horizontal Lens-Shift aligns the image to fit the projection surface in moments. This is handy when the projection position is too high, too low, or off-center.

Supports 4K signal input

The PT-VMZ60 Series supports 4K/30p signal input via HDMI® or DIGITAL LINK terminals, enabling seamless integration into existing or planned 4K-ready system infrastructure.

Single-Cable DIGITAL LINK Solution

A dedicated DIGITAL LINK terminal transmits AV and control signals via LAN cable for up to 150 m (492 ft) and 4K video for up to 50 m (164 ft). Optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher and Digital Interface Box reduce complexity, acting as a hub for connected sources and routing signals to the projector via one cable. A separate LAN terminal offers dedicated control interface if preferred.

Screen Adjustment Function
Screen Adjustment fits the image to the screen when projecting from an unusual angle. Curved Screen Correction removes barrel or pincushion distortion for natural projection onto curved surfaces.

Functions That Smoothly Facilitate Communication

Quick Start and Quick Off
The projector’s laser light-source doesn’t need time to warm up, so images appear almost instantaneously in Quick Start/Quick Off Standby Mode. There’s no cool-down required—it’s safe to switch the unit off at any time.

Wireless Projection Function with Optional Module
Project wirelessly via PC using Presenter Light for Windows® or Panasonic Wireless Projector app for iOS and Android™ devices by connecting the optional AJ-WM50 Wireless Module to the projector’s USB input.

Memory Viewer Light Function
You don’t need to connect a computer to start presenting—just insert a USB memory stick containing your media and start projecting straight away.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software
Manage up to 2,048 devices via network with system map visualization and auto-search of unregistered devices. The free software is available with Early Warning functions (free 90-day trial). These enable real-time monitoring, abnormality detection, and much more.