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P2HD Broadcast Series

PanSolutions offers Panasonic P2HD products. Our varied range includes the AG-HPX174 series, AJ-HPX2700G and the AJ-HPX3100E. These devices are reliable and robust, with notable features including Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS), multi-format HD compatibility, high-quality 24-bit audio recording and P2 solid-state memory cards for easy storage on the go. P2HD camcorders have highly capable functionality in a diversity of conditions and are resistant to extreme forces such as shock and vibration. Contact PanSolutions today and take advantage of cutting edge P2HD recording technology

Lockdown Notice


As per the President’s instructions, our offices will be closed during the Lockdown until 16 April 2020.   We wish you all the best during these challenging times. Stay safe.


Please visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal - for more information.