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Original Toners. Cut Costs Not Corners

Original Toners. Cut Costs Not Corners

There is only one way to avoid toner malfunctions and the hassle and expense of reprinting and that is by using only original KYOCERA toner. It is only with original toner that your business will get high quality prints, high device reliability with a lower environmental impact and cost  savings.

Original Toners

Don’t simply take our word for it, the German independent testing organisation TÜV Rheinland carried out a comprehensive test on image quality and efficiency of original KYOCERA toner in comparison to three compatible 3rd party toners. For every toner brand TÜV Rheinland used three KYOCERA colour devices of the same type for statistical viability. They came to the same result.

*Only KYOCERA toner can deliver the quality, economy and reliability you expect when operating your KYOCERA device.


Counterfeit toner is manufactured and packaged to look like an original KYOCERA. However, it certainly won’t deliver the same quality, reliability and performance. Counterfeit toner is illegally manufactured and sold.

What to look out for:

A hologram that does not change colour when used with a Handy Viewer (contact your dealer for the latest information on the colour-shift when using the Handy Viewer and hologram combination). In addition, there will be unusually low pricing of the product. Furthermore, in order to be certain that a product is genuine it is always advisable to purchase through an authorised KYOCERA dealer channel.


Every business needs reliable high quality prints to communicate both internally and externally. Unfortunately 3rd party toners don’t always live up to expectations. They can cause faded prints, ghosting, streaks or blotches and are not guaranteed to produce satisfactory and even prints.

Only original KYOCERA toner guarantees the level of quality your business deserves. Original KYOCERA toner consistently gives you high quality printing that will save you paper, toner, time, money.

Findings from the TÜV toner test:

  • 3rd party toners tested caused faded prints after a short period of time.
  • 3rd party toners tested caused significantly more unusable prints.
  • 3rd party toners tested caused noticeable differences in colour intensity.

Certified document fidelity.

Original KYOCERA toner ensures the authenticity of quality of your documents, contracts and letters. The Paper Technology Foundation and German Federal Institute for Materials Research have both certified most KYOCERA branded devices using original KYOCERA toner as being suitable for the printing of notarised documents.

Guaranteed print volumes.

Original KYOCERA toner is guaranteed to deliver the quoted number of prints. This has been independently tested and ISO approved (ISO/IEC 19752 for mono and ISO/IEC 19798 for colour devices).


Cutting costs shouldn’t cut into your productivity. When 3rd party toner malfunctions so does your business as you waste both time and money. Your devices can even sustain damage from 3rd party toner, which isn’t covered by KYOCERA’s warranty. KYOCERA’s ECOSYS devices are known for their long-life technology and excellent reliability. Using 3rd party toners could compromise the benefits and performance you expect from our devices. Original KYOCERA toner has been proven to cause no toner related downtime. It just works.

Findings from the TÜV toner test:

  • Original KYOCERA toner was the only toner to deliver 100 % uptime.
  • 3rd party toner can damage developer units.
  • 3rd party toner cartridges can suffer from leakage.

KYOCERA Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Any technical defects or other technical problems proven by KYOCERA to be caused by the use of 3rd party toner could invalidate the KYOCERA warranty. KYOCERA provides a 1-year warranty for desktop and workgroup printers with a return to base policy and guarantees the drum and developer to last 3 years or the maximum duty cycle.


Businesses strive to be kinder to the environment. KYOCERA ECOSYS devices help your business achieve that goal through their low energy consumption and long-life technology and toner only concept. Using 3rd party toner could seriously undermine these efforts. In fact, the TÜV toner test found that original KYOCERA toner produced up to 58% less waste.

Only original KYOCERA toner is designed and manufactured to work with ECOSYS devices to give you the greenest and most efficient printing solutions.

Original KYOCERA toner advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent image quality offered by advanced toner and colour technology.
  • Increased productivity due higher printer reliability.
  • Maximum printer life and full guarantee protection.
  • Environmental standard compliance and less excess waste.
  • Original KYOCERA toner and KYOCERA devices are a perfect match.


Original KYOCERA toner adheres to the requirements of Germany’s Blue Angel eco-label – the oldest environmental label worldwide. The Blue Angel signifies that a product has exceptional ecological credentials and meets the detailed criteria set by the Federal Office for the Environment.

KYOCERA toner is free of harmful substances such as:

  • Mercury, cadmium, lead and nickel
  • Chromium-VI compounds
  • Dyes that might release carcinogenic particles

PanSolutions offers the full range of Kyocera original toners and consumables. Contact us or request a quote and a knowledgeable consultant will get back to you shortly.