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New line-up of A3 TASKalfa devices

New line-up of A3 TASKalfa devices

A new range of A3 TASKalfa Multi-Functional Printers which provide secure ways to print for organisations of all sizes. The new series builds on the success of the existing TASKalfa range with new developments which offer improved usability and security.

Kyocera A3 TASKalfa Range

These products can prevent potential infiltration of malware or unauthorised firmware into users’ systems with the included Trusted Platform Module and Secure Boot. Your data is protected by the standard Run-Time Integrity Checks and built-in data encryption function. Making this new range a substantial upgrade when it comes to print security.

This range of Multi-Functional Printers also relies upon an award-winning engine which is already deployed in existing products in the TASKalfa range. Given the Most Reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand Award by BLI, the engine has proven its reliability which helps minimise downtime, resulting in improved worker productivity. Within the selection are colour devices (TASKalfa 2553ci, TASKalfa 5053ci and 6053ci) and monochrome options (TASKalfa 5003i and TASKalfa 6003i) which can reach speeds of up to 60 pages per minute for the fastest models in the series.

What’s more, the new series will boast a full-colour touchscreen panel measuring 10.1 inches, enabling greater usability and wider access to a range of document management functions.

“At KYOCERA, we know that security is a top priority for companies. Combining that with enhanced usability and award-winning reliability, this innovative new TASKalfa range ideal for customers who are looking to print documents in high quality,” explains Sylvester de Koning, A3 Product Manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe.

“Through this innovation, businesses can reduce costs without compromising on other crucial factors such as reliability or security. It provides organisations with the ideal solution to their printing needs.”

Efficiency will also be boosted by the use of a human detection sensor which enables devices to wake up faster than ever before when in energy saving mode as approached by a user. As such, professionals will no longer waste time waiting for devices to print their materials. This is just one way in which work efficiency is improved with the implementation of a new TASKalfa device.

These products also allow firms to extend functionality by integrating into content management systems by combining with KYOCERA Capture Manager. Together with impressive scan speeds up to 220 impressions per minute and automated capturing technology, it can be the first step in a digital transformation journey.

By combining this range with secure authentication software such as KYOCERA Net Manager and MyQ, the range can further enhance your data privacy protection measures. I

The complete offering of this line-up of TASKalfa products complemented with a broad range of software solutions therefore allows organisations to work in a more secure and efficient way. Being able to rely on an end to end solution which cuts costs whilst protecting vital data is a priority for all.

TASKalfa 5053ci