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Kyocera vs Xerox

Kyocera vs Xerox

The phrase ‘just Xerox it’, for many years, was interchangeable with ‘just photocopy it’. This is some seriously great brand marketing and shows what a dominant force Xerox has been in the photocopier world. However, many new brands have emerged, bringing enhanced technologies and game-changing features. One such brand is Kyocera. Here’s a look at how Kyocera compares with Xerox.

Compare Kyocera vs Xerox

Looking at Kyocera

From manufacturing ceramic insulators used in TV sets back in the 1960s, Kyocera has evolved into a top-level photocopier, multifunctional printer and toner cartridge manufacturer. With 18 years’ experience in photocopier creation, Kyocera has managed to develop a machine that competes quite easily with Xerox.


  • Kyocera has one common driver for all its machines, making it easy to set up, update and store electronic documents.
  • The Kyocera photocopier can mimic the colours created by other big-name photocopiers, allowing you to achieve the colour you desire.
  • Kyocera saves you money in that it allows you to create high-quality printed documents inhouse. No outsourcing needed.
  • With the best performance record in the multifunction product business, Kyocera ensure satisfaction on all products.
  • The PinPoint Scan application of Kyocera allows for offsite access of copied or scanned items, allowing for an uninterrupted workflow.
  • Selected Kyocera devices use the HyPAS platform which will get paper documents cost-effectively routed into an efficient digital workflow, helping you control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive edge.
  • There is a Kyocera product to meet every budget.

Looking at Xerox

Xerox is an organisation with decades of industry experience. So much so, that it once dominated the entire plain paper copier market entirely. While Xerox has continued to develop and adapt, some believe it hasn’t kept the technological pace needed to lead the field and is now lagging behind. However, there is still much to be said about the Xerox product.


  • Xerox has brand recognition which means that support and maintenance are generally easily found.
  • They continue to excel in production equipment, which is why Xerox is still found in most print shops.
  • Xerox produces high-quality copies, saving on outsourcing costs. It is also able to print on various paper types, without negatively impacting the final production.
  • Something that often causes delay and frustration is the warm up of a photocopier or multifunction printer. Xerox, however, has a very quick warm-up time, preventing that workplace annoyance.
  • When it comes to going green, Xerox is on board. Each new Xerox device created meets environmental standards, seeking new ways to lessen the carbon footprint.
  • Xerox is typically aimed at the workplace, rather than home-use, market. They are big, powerful systems with extra features and a solid reputation.


Comparing Kyocera and Xerox

While Xerox has impressive brand recognition, no organisation can ride on this alone. Kyocera is hot on its heels, offering high-level photocopiers at a competitive price. However, depending on your individual needs and preferences, you will have to assess which brand will deliver on your photocopying needs. It’s best to check with industry professionals before making your final choice.

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