Gamber-Johnson Mounting Products

Gamber-Johnson Mounting Products

PanSolutions offers a range of Gamber-Johnson mounting products in South Africa.

Gamber-Johnson has been synonymous with rugged and reliable mounting equipment. Each order is hand-assembled and shipped to PanSolutions in South Africa.

Rugged Reliable Mounting Products for Technology

Gamber-Johnson has the right solution for you and your fleet, no matter what device you are trying to mount. We work closely with top computer OEM’s such as Dell, Getac, Honeywell, Noax, Panasonic, Samsung, Xplore, and Zebra to ensure you can be confident in the fit and function of your mounting devices. All Gamber-Johnson products are available in South Africa through PanSolutions, located in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Pedestal Systems

Pedestal systems mount your computer on a pole anchored to your floor or passenger seat. The systems include a vehicle-specific or universal leg kit, a 5” to 13” lower tube, and a height-adjustable upper pole from which you can mount your computer. Pedestal systems save space in a vehicle and work great in vans and trucks with a small console area.

Console Systems

Console systems are designed for police and other fleets that need to mount multiple radios and equipment within easy reach of the driver. The console system is made of two parts: a leg kit or top plate which secures the system to your vehicle’s frame and a vehicle-specific or universal console box to house your electronics. Add a computer mount, armrest, cup holder, microphone clip, or other accessory for a custom setup.

Mobile Workstation Boxes

Featuring heavy-gauge steel construction for long-term durability, Gamber-Johnson’s workstation boxes are ideal for military, government, and utility use. Most boxes contain large locking storage areas for supplies and devices as well as a platform or pole from which you can mount a computer.

Docking Stations / Cradles

Keep your laptop or tablet safe with a Gamber-Johnson docking station or cradle. Docking stations replicate your computer’s ports such as USB, Ethernet, and RF and they’re ideal for when you have a printer or other peripheral electronics working with your computer. A cradle keeps your computer safe but doesn’t replicate any of the ports. It’s a better choice for when you simply want to mount a computer without any peripherals.

Some of the main docking station products include:

  • Dell Docking Stations
  • Getac Docking Stations
  • Panasonic Docking Stations
  • Samsung Docking Stations
  • Zebra Docking Stations


Motion Attachments

Gamber-Johnson manufactures and offers a wide variety of durable motion attachments for your specific vehicle mounting and docking needs. The motion attachment gives the user the ability to swivel, tilt or slide the computer to your desired position.

Our experience working with a range of businesses and resources including fleet managers, corporate IT divisions and vehicle OEM providers allows us to deeply understand your issues and provide the customized solution you need to solve them. With Gamber-Johnson you can guarantee that your devices are as rugged as the environment you work in, as reliable as your strongest team members and responsive to your every need.

Contact PanSolutions for all Gamber-Johnson mounting stations and products.