Document Management Trends for 2021

Document Management Trends for 2021

Central to the efficient running of any organisation is documentation management, but this has long since moved away from the arranging of paper documentation to the digital realm. Here are some interesting trends emerging in document management for 2021.

5 Document Management Trends

1. Cloud storage grows

Although this is in no way a new trend, cloud storage forms the platform for innovative documentation management and the initial hesitation associated with cloud computing seems to have dissipated. The ease of accessibility from any point with an internet connection, as well as the expansive storage space and reduction in pricing, will see cloud storage for business documents a big trend in 2021.

2. Online security

An unfortunate side effect of the growth in digital document management is the increasingly sophisticated means of cybercrime which has resulted in a boost in online security options. There is a fine balance between the ease of use of document management software and the vulnerabilities it creates which means securing content will be a major trend going into 2021. The increase in remote workers using connected devices is another security aspect that will be tackled.

MyQ software allows for user authentication to the device with by PIN, ID-Card or Windows Login or in a two phase authentication combination such as ID-Card and PIN, ensuring the document and information is only available to authorised personal.

3. Mobile access

The rise in remote workers and changing structure of the workplace environment means that professionals need to have access to all documentation from a variety of online devices including smartphones and tablets. This has seen a rise in document accessibility but there is also a trend of creating software that is user-friendly. Workers need to be able to access the documents and work on them quickly and easily.

Selected Kyocera Multifunctional Printers are compatible with Google Cloud Print, making it even easier to access documents from anywhere and support growing printing needs, without the deployment of IT departments.

4. Increased affordability

The uptake in online software management globally has created a competitive market which is always good for the consumer. There are more sophisticated solutions available and prices are reduced drastically. It’s going to be easier finding the right document management software for the right price in 2021.

5. Content collaboration

Edited documents can be cumbersome when shared via email with incorrect versions being used, creating confusion. Document management software is enhancing its collaboration features, offering check-in and check-out options that lock access when a user has downloaded a file – great for preventing editing overlap.

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Digitising your documents allows for enhanced business solutions and boosts productivity overall. There are some really exciting features available with the top-level document management software and these 2021 trends should make remote accessibility faster and easier.