Software Solutions

SmartScan uses an intuitive and user-friendly system of icons that makes it easy for anyone to choose between the various destinations a scan can be sent to. SmartScan makes scanning simple SmartScan...

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Kyocera's server-based application, with the embedded Print&Follow function is designed to protect your confidential data, manage the overall document output and related printing costs. Control Sensitive Documents and Reduce Printing Costs Users...

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Mobile printing and scanning without “cloud”

Mobile Print is an application for your smartphone or your tablet computer, which is available free of charge for both iOS and Android devices. You do not need cloud connections, but can automatically connect within a wireless LAN.

Three Tier Billing

The printing of low coverage colour documents, such as logos, often become an issue when you are charged for a high coverage colour prints. PanSolutions offers a solution to this concern with the latest range of KYOCERA TASKalfa colour multifunctional printers and their pioneering colour technology, in particular the innovative approach to costs pertaining to colour print usage that enables you to only pay for the colour you use.   

KMnet Admin is Kyocera's unified device management software that uses a web-based platform to give network administrators easy and uncomplicated control over every device in the organisation. Tasks that used to require multiple programs or walking to each printer can now be accomplished in a single, fast and modern environment.

KM-NET for Accounting allows you to verify KYOCERA devices and usage conditions for each department as well as confirm which devices are being used at what department. This application gathers and collects information on usage conditions of all KYOCERA printers and MFPs in the network. 

KMnet Viewer 5.0 is Kyocera’s device management software for up to 100 devices. Offering counter readings, status feedback, remote device configuration and alerts of network devices at one central administration point, it is comprehensive yet easy to use.