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Casio Projector Range

Casio Projector Range

Casio’s portfolio of LampFree® projectors combines a laser, a fluorescent element and an LED light to deliver a mercury-free hybrid light source that lasts up to 20,000 hours while sustaining a high brightness and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Casio has four series of LampFree® projectors that are available for home, business, education and commercial applications – Slim, Core, Advanced, and Ultra Short Throw.

Outstanding Porjector. Outstanding Cost Performance

When purchasing projectors it’s not just about the initial purchase price but the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO includes all costs that you will actually pay over the life span of your projector, including energy, repair and maintenance costs. Casio LampFree projectors consume less energy – up to 50% less electricity when compared to conventional lamp projectors, plus LampFree eliminates the need for expensive replacement lamps or filters. Minimal maintenance means minimal labor costs to maintain as well. Add it all up! Original purchase price, elimination of replacement lamps and filters, reduced labor costs and reduction of energy, combined with a 20,000 hr life span proves Casio LampFree is the right choice for lower TCO.

Contributing to a reduction in TCO

The LampFree requires no lamp or filter costs. This has enabled a reduction in costs on spare parts and the labor expenses involved in changing them. Also, with our advanced power-saving technology, we have reduced power consumption by 40-50% compared to high-pressure mercury lamp models. You will be able to save on your utility costs. This makes a major contribution to the reduction of TCO.

Casio Green Technology
Casio now has seven LampFree projectors that meet all TCO Certified life cycle criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, energy efficiency, picture quality and lower environmental impact.

Additionally, although the use of mercury is widely prohibited worldwide today, this hazardous substance continues to be employed as a light source for conventional projector lamps. Casio LampFree projectors eliminate the need to replace Mercury lamps and to properly dispose of the harmful substance. There is a growing demand for environmentally friendly and more sustainable AV products and Casio LampFree projectors are a great solution.

4K UHD Projectors
Casio will showcase its XJ-L8300HN 4K UHD projector. This projector comes equipped with a 4K DLP® chip that projects images of approximately 8.3 million pixels, reproducing the true color and beauty of images at a much higher level than conventional projectors. With its high brightness of 5,000 lumens, the XJ-L8300HN is great for brightly lit rooms and larger venues. The XJ-L8300HN is also equipped with a lens shift function to correct projector positioning and a super resolution feature that enhances the signal of low-resolution movies and images to produce the effect of higher resolution. Visitors to the Casio booth will be able to see the XJ-L8300HN highlighted in a Dual 4K Edge Blending demonstration.

Ultra Short Throw Series
Casio’s latest addition to its Ultra Short Throw series is the XJ-UT311WN which can project brilliant shadow-free, crisp, images at close range with its built-in 0.28:1 fixed lens. It produces 3,100 lumens of brightness and boasts WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution with a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, which is ideal for displaying HD content from video and computer sources. Network (RJ-45) and local RS-232 connections provide control and remote status monitoring capabilities and a wireless presentation adaptor is included. Casio will be demonstrating various interactive solutions in their booth using their Ultra Short Throw projectors to show the flexibility and compatibility with all the interactive software and hardware on the market.

SLIM Series
Weighing in at just five pounds, Casio’s SLIM projectors are only 1.7 inches thick, require little to no setup time, and provide projection at maximum brightness in as few as eight seconds. Casio’s SLIM projectors offer an estimated 20,000-hour lifespan with minimal brightness degradation, which far outshines that of conventional projectors that require expensive mercury lamp replacements. The slim sleek design works well in retail environments where space is limited and continuous operation is needed.

Advanced and Core Series
Additionally, Casio will also have its Core and Advanced Series projectors on display. Projectors in these series feature a 20,000-hour estimated operating life and can reach full brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time they are powered thanks to Casio’s innovative Quick Start technology. They also feature a 1.5X zoom lens for optimal flexibility in projector placement.

LampFree projectors also have a dust resistant design that is achieved by structuring the internal components into separate blocks and shields the optical block from dust and suppresses dust intrusion. This helps ensure that dust does not lower projection brightness, helping it to maintain optimal performance for the life of the unit and eliminating the need and cost of replacing filters.

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