Buying Guide: Large Format Printers

Buying Guide: Large Format Printers

Large format printers are ideal for graphic designers, engineers and architects who require plans, designs and other material printed in large formats which cannot be handled by conventional office printers.

What is a Large Format Printer?

Large format printers function the same way that conventional printers do. However, large format printers are able to print wider prints. Large format printers use rolls of paper, rather than individual pages, which allow you to increase the width and length of your prints and produce material between 43 and 250cm in width.

Large format printers are ideal for:

  • Graphic designers for printing banners
  • Engineers for printing detailed drawing
  • Architects for detailed plan printing

What is the Best Large Format Printer?

There is no easy answer to this question as every business will has different requirements based on what they intend to use the machine for.

Keep the following criteria in mind when deciding on what large format printer is best for your business:

  • Speed

Printing speed can easily be found under the technical specification, but also consider speed with regards to warm up time and processing time.

  • Image Quality

Image quality is perhaps the most important feature to consider when purchasing a large format device.  A large format printer that can produce quality clear images in 600dpi is ideal for technical drawings and images.

  • Colour or Black and White

This is a straight forward choice based on what you are planning to print. If the large format printer will be used for printing posters, technical drawings and photos, then colour will be essential. Colour large format printers will typically cost more than black and white devices, while black and white devices will not only be more cost effective, but more than often be able to print faster than colour devices.

  • Cost

When looking at the price of a large format printer, consider the initial investment of the device as well as the running cost of the device. A cheap large format printer can often be an expensive printer in disguise, as the running cost of consumables and parts may be costly.

  • Service and Support

This is a critical consideration when purchasing a large format printer.  A Large format printer is a state of the art device and will require service and support to keep it functioning and working efficiently. Most large format dealers will offer a service agreement as part of the monthly cost of the device. Ensure that you fully understand what the service agreement covers and what further cost you will incur should you require additional support.

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