Benefits of Lamp Free Projectors

Benefits of Lamp Free Projectors

The audio-visual market has welcomed the introduction of the lamp-free projectors which have revolutionised the projector industry for both owners and audiences. If you’re looking to invest in a projector, here are some of the benefits of the lamp free options.

6 Advantages of Lamp Free Projectors

1. Long-term cost savings

As mentioned in the name, lamp free projectors require no lamps which means costs are saved on purchases down the line. This also means no labour costs for the lamp replacements. The modern lamp free projectors often consume less energy, in some cases up to 50% less electricity, when compared to traditional lamp projectors, which results in further savings. Overall there are minimal maintenance costs which is better for the bottom line.

The Casio Range of Lamp Free Projectors offer 20 000 hours of maintenance free operation.

Comparison of typical cost of lamp free projector versus traditional lamp based projector.

Please note the above is an illustration of two well know projector brands in the market. The calculation is based on a 20 000 hours which typically is maintenance free for lamp free models. During that period lamp based projectors will require 3 new lamps as well as service.

Based on the above comparison you can save between 45% and 110% on total cost by purchasing a lamp free projector.

2. Improved brightness

Lamp free projectors output more consistent brightness levels when compared with lamp-lit projectors which will lose their brightness long before the lamp needs replacing. This means improved visibility overall.

3. Reliability

Everyone who has operated a lamp-based projector for any amount of time can recall a moment when the equipment let them down. The reality is that lamp projectors are fragile and can fault easily. With lamp free projectors, there is less risk of outages or image distortion.

4. Instant on/off

There is often that awkward minute or so before the lamp in a traditional projector warms up fully allowing it to achieve maximum image brightness. Then it takes another half a minute or so to cool down after use. During a really busy day, this can be a frustrating inconvenience. With lamp free projectors, it takes about 10 seconds before full brightness is achieved and shut-down is almost instant.

5. No toxicity

There are still many mercury-based lamp projectors in use, a substance that could be harmful to the user and environment through water and soil contamination. New lamp free projectors do not use any toxic substances.

6. Dust resistant

Most modern lamp free projectors are now dust resistant, preventing dust from entering the optical engine block which causes degradation in brightness. This lowers the need for constant maintenance and saves on future costs.


Although the initial cost of lamp free projectors may put them in the higher price bracket, these costs are absorbed over years of use through the lower maintenance, energy and replacement costs. The performance benefits also propel these lamp free projectors into another league, enhancing every meeting, seminar or viewing with quality imagery.

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