8 Eco-Friendly Printing Tips

Eco friendly printing tips

8 Eco-Friendly Printing Tips

Multifunction printer an expensive asset to maintain here are 8 useful environmentally friendly printing tips to help save you money on your monthly printing bill.



Eco friendly printing tips

8 Eco Friendly Printing Tips

Keep it electronic

Communicate by email instead of paper.

Print on both sides

Print and photocopy documents double sided (duplex) saving time, space, money and costs.

Switch off

Ensure all photocopiers and printers are switched off when not in use or at the end of each day.

Recycle bins

Clearly identify recycling bins to dispose of waste paper.

Use printer software

Software enables you to control who prints what, who prints where and what machine the print job is directed to. This can automatically routes print jobs to the most suitable system – saving you money.

Proofread what you are about to print

Double check all documents before you print. This will save time and ink that you would have wasted otherwise.

Print only portions you need

Documents have multiple pages, graphics, logos and graphs. Always do a print preview to see what pages have unnecessary information and cut them from your print collection.

Change your font

Printing in smaller fonts can save you ink. Enlarge fonts only when needed.