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How to choose a good document scanner

The function of a scanner might be a fairly simple one, but it’s one of the most important tools in offices and homes today. Scanners are used to convert hard copies of documents and photographs into digital format. Once in electronic format, these documents and images can be adjusted, emailed, compressed or simply stored for safe-keeping.

Scanners have not only simplified, but also expedited, the process of sending documents between businesses and people. No longer do companies need to rely on expensive courier services to deliver physical copies of documents to other companies. With an advanced, superior-quality scanner, it takes just seconds to create an electronic version of any document or image. Best of all, you’ll not lose any of its clarity or crispness if you choose your scanner wisely.

Panasonic’s range of scanners caters to all imaging requirements. From compact to full colour, we have the right scanner for your home or office. Check out the full catalogue of scanners online, or read on to learn more about document imaging. We’ll show you just how to pick the right scanner for your imaging needs!

Why do I need scanners in my office or at home?

On a daily basis, most businesses need to send documents out of the company. From payments and invoices to images, confidential documents and projects, multitudes of hard copies are couriered between businesses each day.

When your company owns a scanner, however, you have the option of converting these documents into digital versions that can be emailed anywhere in the world. No more drivers or couriers – and certainly no more misplaced documents, delayed deliveries or privacy concerns. You’ll have complete control over your private and business documents at all times, and the ability to send, save or store them as necessary.

Having a paperless office is, after all, the ambition of many companies throughout the world – particularly in an era of advanced technology and digital communication. Scanners enable you to digitally store all the information that you’d generally have in hard-copy format – and hence save space, reduce clutter and, most importantly, facilitate quick and easy retrieval. Moreover, having digital copies of your most important information ensures that data is always protected – even in the event of a fire or water damage.

All the advantages of using an office scanner. 

Scanners also offer an exceptionally efficient way of reproducing and saving photographs – particularly older images that may be prone to deteriorate over time. By scanning photographs and storing them, you can be sure that they’ll never fade over time. High quality scanners from Pansolutions Pansolutions offers an extensive selection of superior scanners and digital imaging solutions for office and home use. Whatever the magnitude of your digital imaging requirements – from simple home usage to large-scale business requirements, we offer the right scanner to match your needs. Check out the full range of scanners online, or chat to us today about your particular requirements for home or office use.


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