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Case Study: Great Savings

Construction Industry

Incredible savings for large construction company.
A large construction company who employs over 3,000 people and has several separate divisions in various locations spread around the country. 
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Review: Panasonic KV-S5046H Colour Document Scanner

The Panasonic KV-S5046H Colour Document Scanner is  a formidable scanner, and offers good speed and copious features at a competitive price. It's easy to recommend for companies looking for a heavy-duty scanner that can quickly scan multiple pages at up to tabloid size. 
1035 Reviews
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How to choose the right multifunction copier

In the past, an organisation would require a copier, a fax machine and a computer to copy, fax or email documents. Modern technology has combined these capabilities into an all-purpose multifunction copier (also called all-in-one copiers, multifunction printers or all-in-one printers). Utilising a multifunction copier, you can copy a document and send it to a recipient via email or fax. Additionally, you can use a multifunction copier strictly as a printer to print a document.

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Benefits of an IP PBX System

IP based PABX systems have become a popular choice among companies as this telephone system provides reliable communication at a reduced cost.

Here are some of the advantages of using an IP PABX system.

1388 Reviews
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Colour Printing: Control the Cost

Multifunction Colour Printers are essential assets to every business. Printing your business collateral in colour is a necessary cost of doing business and has many benefits that can set you apart from your competition. However, printing in colour can be costly, that is why it is essential to manage your printer resources effectively to minimise your colour printing costs.
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