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Flat Panel Display vs Data Projector

Your students’ visual experience depends on the equipment you choose. Be sure you’re making the right choice!

Will a Flat Panel Display or Data Projector meets all your classroom needs?

Clear viewing. Good cost performance. Easy usability. Will all be important elements when considering a projeactor or flat panel for the classroom?

Projector vs Flat Screen

Flat Panel Display or Data Projector?

Screen Size

If the screen’s too small, students in the back rows can’t see it clearly. Details of visuals shown on a standard 65-inch flat panel display (FPD) are clearly visible from up to about 10 ft. (3.0 m). If you want students in the back of the class to see them clearly, too, you’ll need a large FPD in the 80-to 100-inch class.

screen size

The 468 rule

The 468 rule is a reliable approach to selecting suitable screen sizes for visual presentations. It uses multiples of the screen height to determine the maximum distance for comfortable viewing. The rule of thumb for displaying details such as textbook materials on a screen is 4 x screen height.

Images projected onto a large screen are easy to see from anywhere in the classroom! A data projector can handle 80- to 100-inch large-screen projection with ease. Since students seated in the back rows can see the images clearly, too, everyone in the class has an equal opportunity to learn. You can also enlarge or reduce the screen size to suit your classroom.

projector screen


High equipment cost! High installation cost!

The purchase price of an 80-inch or larger FPD is still enormous today. The large-scale construction required to install it is also likely to drive up costs considerably.

Lower installation and maintenance costs!

The projectors’ low installation cost makes it easier for schools to introduce them into more classrooms. Since CASIO projectors eliminate the need for lamp replacement,
moreover, maintenance costs are lower, too. This helps to reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership).


It’s hard to use with a whiteboard. Wall installation of an FPD limits the possibilities for whiteboard use. It’s difficult for the instructor to show images and write on the board at the same time. The installation also takes up space, creating a somewhat oppressive atmosphere in the classroom.

Projectors can be ceiling suspended or wall mounted (*specified models), and it’s easy to use them in combination with a whiteboard. Students can relax, since the classroom atmosphere is never disrupted by setup activity. Even if the projector is not permanently installed, its compact portability eliminates hassles.

casio projectors classroom


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