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Rugged Laptop and Tablet Buying Checklist

There are many factors to consider when investing in a mobile device solution to achieve the best business performance while enjoying a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Investing in mobile devices designed for the specific work environment where they will be used helps increase productivity and efficiency, and helps save your IT organization valuable time and costs.

Rugged Mobile Device Buyers Guide Checklist 

Use this checklist to help make sure you’ve covered all your bases as you evaluate potential mobile-device solutions for your organization.

Download the Rugged Mobile Device Buyers Guide Checklist

Understand how and where the mobile device is to be used.

  • Will the device be used outdoors?
  • Will device recharging only be available at the end of the shift?
  • Do you need to read the screen in direct sunlight?
  • Will the device and touch screen be operated with gloves on?
  • Is a swappable battery required due to long in-the-field operations?

Why this matters: Look for a rugged MIL-SPEC–certified device that can withstand rain, sand, humidity or whatever weather environment your workers may encounter. Battery life should be at least 8 hours of continuous use; consider devices that can warm- or hot-swap to a second battery to extend uptime.

Download the Rugged Mobile Device Buyers Guide Checklist PDF

Identify who will use device.

  • Will you deploy a device to each person, or will the device be shared?

Why this matters: If the device is being used by multiple people and shifts, look for a device with a low failure rate and the durability to handle frequent drops, bumps, spills and other accidents. Multi-user devices experience more accidents in general.

Assess your IT support costs.

  • What are your current IT support costs?
  • Will an improved failure rate and extra durability reduce TCO?

Why this matters: While consumer-grade devices may require a lower initial investment, damage, repairs, shorter device life spans and ongoing replacement costs of these will quickly add up. Investing in rugged technology helps ensure that you have a reliable device to keep your IT support costs down and your
workers more productive on the job.

Determine your needs and the IT resources available for deployment, life-cycle management and support of mobile devices.

  • Do your existing IT resources have mobile technology expertise?
    – Device setup/staging
    – Mobile security—hardware and software
    – Application optimization
    – In-vehicle docks and mounts
    – Configuration and installation
  • Does the device manufacturer provide services to support deployment and optimize your mobile technology solution?
    – Deployment training support
    – Integration services
    – Application services
    – Fast repair and replacement
    – Technical training

Why this matters: Leading rugged mobile device manufacturers with industry expertise and field engineering support can offer services to augment your IT resources and help improve your team’s
mobile solution efficiency.

Evaluate the impact of downtime if your team’s mobile devices fail frequently.

  • What does worker downtime cost your company?
  • How is customer satisfaction compromised if your technology fails?

Why this matters: Look for features and services that will help ensure that your device solution is long-lasting and durable enough for all your potential work environments, and which provide a reliable, optimized solution when it matters most.


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