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Choosing a scanner for your office or business

A document scanner transfers a physical image or text on paper to a computer. Although there are many different scanners available for home, office and large-scale use, most common is the flatbed document scanner, which is made up of a glass plate, scanner head and a cover.

We provides document scanner solutions for mixed document scanning, large-scale scanning and desk-side scanning. We also recognise that different industries will have different document processing needs and require specific functions in order to operate efficiently. For example, health care professionals deal with documents such as appointment slips, medical records, prescriptions and health insurance information, and as a result, require document scanning solutions that can accommodate mixed document feeding with card and long paper scanning.

Read our scanner buying guide or view the full range of document scanner solutions, which are tailored to your industry document requirements.

Benefits of a Panasonic document scanner

Choosing a good document scanners that is accessible over computer networks, means that office workers from different departments can share scanners simply by installing the application software. The result is swift and efficient document processing that is linked throughout the office.

Mixed document scanning allows for the scanning of varying paper sizes and types. This reduces costs and saves time when for example, the finance department requires the scanning of a large annual report, and the marketing department requires the scanning of a brochure. Mixed document scanning is particularly important in specialised fields such as architecture, engineering or advertising in which data mediums and sizes differ widely.

Pansolutions’s range of scanners is able to deliver efficient and specialised document scanning according to your company’s needs. Select a document scanner according to paper volume, range of applications or your business type, and enjoy the advantages of customised document scanning with Panasonic. Visit PanSolutions to select the scanner that will transform your document processing.


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