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Panasonic genuine toner cartridges

PanSolutions stock the full range of original Panasonic consumables including all the drums and developers and toners at reasonable prices. 

As a distributor for Panasonic, we also offer superb prices on all cartridges, toners and drum units.

Panasonic Toner and Developer

Below is a list of some of the more popular Panasonic genuine toner cartridges, developers and drum units for the various Panasonic Printers and copiers.

Panasonic Toner                                      Pansonic Developer

Panasonic DQ-RK06A-PGB                   Panasonic FQ-ZE61 Developer
Panasonic DQ-RK11A-PG                      Panasonic FQ-ZF15-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-RK18B-PU                      Panasonic FQ-ZK10-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-TU18B                             Panasonic FQ-ZK20-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUJ5K-PK                       Panasonic FQ-ZL20-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-TU10C-PU                      Panasonic FQ-ZL20-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-TU37R-PB                      Panasonic DQ-Z241D-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-TU35D-PBT                    Panasonic DQ-Z240R-PB Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUN28K-PB                    Panasonic DQ-Z60J-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUN20C-PB                    Panasonic DQ-ZN480K-PB Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUN20M-PB                    Panasonic DQ-ZN480C-PB Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUN20Y-PB                    Panasonic DQ-ZN480M-PB Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUS28K-PB                    Panasonic DQ-ZN480Y-PB Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUS20C-PB                   Panasonic DQ-ZSN480-PB Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUS20M-PB                     Panasonic FQ-Z190 Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUS20Y-PB                     Panasonic DQ-Z120E-PU Developer
Panasonic DQ-TUW28K-PB                   Panasonic Drums
Panasonic DQ-TUY28K-PB                    Panasonic DQ-UH32A-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUV20C-PB                   Panasonic DQ-UHN30-PB Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUV20M-PB                    Panasonic DQ-UHS30-PB Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUV20Y-PB                    Panasonic DQ-UHN36-PB Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUY20C-PB                   Panasonic DQ-UHS36K-PB Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUY20M-PB                    Panasonic DQ-H045B Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUY20Y-PB                     Panasonic FQ-HE70-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUW05K                         Panasonic FQ-HF13-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUY05K                           Panasonic FQ-HK10-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUV05C                            Panasonic FQ-HL20 Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUY05C                            Panasonic FQ-HL20 Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUV05M                          Panasonic DQ-H360R-PB Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUY05M                          Panasonic DQ-H240D-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUV05Y                         Panasonic DQ-H060E-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TUY05                          Panasonic DQ-H60J-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-UG15A                         Panasonic DQ-HJ60K-PK Drum
Panasonic FQ-TF15-PU                       Panasonic KX-FADC510E Drum
Panasonic FQ-TK10-PU                      Panasonic KX-FADK511E Drum
Panasonic FQ-TK20-PU                      Panasonic KX-FAD412E Drum
Panasonic FQ-TL20-PU                      Panasonic FQ-HA10-PU Drum
Panasonic FQ-TL24-PU                      Panasonic FQ-HA30-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TU33R-PB                  Panasonic DQ-UH34H-AGC Drum
Panasonic DQ-TU24D-PBT                Panasonic DQ-UHU54-PB Drum
Panasonic FQ-TA10-PU                     Panasonic DQ-M18C12-PU Drum
Panasonic FQ-TA19-PU                      Panasonic DQ-M18J6-PU Drum
Panasonic FQ-U160                           Panasonic DQ-M18J12-PU Drum
Panasonic KX-FATC506E                   Panasonic DQ-MDS184-PU Drum
Panasonic KX-FATM507E                   Panasonic DQ-M25B12-PU Drum
Panasonic KX-FATY508E                  Panasonic DQ-M25B24-PU Drum
Panasonic KX-FATK509E                      Panasonic DQ-MAR250-PB Drum
Panasonic KX-FAT411E                          Panasonic DQ-MDS210-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-TU15E-PB                     Panasonic DQ-M35R24-PB Drum
Panasonic DQ-TU10J-PB                     Panasonic DQ-M35D24-PB Drum
Panasonic DQ-UG26H-AGC                 Panasonic DQ-MAR350-PU 

Panasonic DQ-MDS350-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-MBF800-PU Drum
Panasonic DQ-M30E12-PU Drum

Panasonic DQ-M30E24-PU Drum
  Panasonic DQ-MDS300-PU Drum
 Panasonic DQ-M32N12-PB Drum
 Panasonic DQ-M32N24-PB Drum
     Panasonic DQ-M35S12-PU Drum
     Panasonic DQ-M35S24-PU Drum
     Panasonic DQ-M35S72-PU Drum
     Panasonic DQ-MDS351-PU Drum
     Panasonic DQ-MAR320-PU Drum
     Panasonic FQ-KF13P03 Drum
     Panasonic FQ-KF13P06 Drum
     Panasonic FQ-SK7735P24 Drum
     Panasonic FQ-BA10 Drum
     Panasonic DQ-BFN45-PB Drum
     Panasonic KX-FAW505E Drum
     Panasonic DQ-SS35-PU Drum
     Panasonic FQ-SS32-PU Drum
     Panasonic FQ-SS50-PU Drum
     Panasonic FQ-SS60-PU Drum
     Panasonic FQ-SS66-PU Drum
     Panasonic FQ-SS70-PU Drum
     Panasonic FQ-SS75-PU Drum

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