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10 Printing Tips to Save Ink

The cost of ink cartridges can make your multifunction printer an expensive asset to maintain. Here are 10 useful tips to help save you money on your monthly printing bill.

1. Print only what you need
Before you start printing, look at what you are about to print and decide its importance so that you do not end up printing unnecessary documents.

2. Proofread what you are about to print
Double check all documents before you print. This will save time and ink that you would have wasted otherwise.

3. Print in black and white
If your document does not need to be printed in colour, always select black and white from your printer settings. When you print black with your printer on colour settings, various colours are mixed to create the black ink and as a result your colour ink will be depleted faster.

4. Use printer software
Most multifunction printers are compatible with print software that enable you to control who prints what, who prints where and what machine the print job is directed to. For example Smart Print which is innovative software controls all print jobs and accounts in the network and automatically routes them to the most suitable system – according to your print policy, saving you money.

5. Print only portions you need when printing from the web
Often web pages have multiple graphics, logos and advertisements. Always do a print preview to see what pages have unnecessary information and cut them from your print collection.

6. Change your font
Printing in smaller fonts can save you ink. Enlarge fonts only when needed.

7. Use all the ink in the cartridge
Keep using the cartridge even when the printer warns you that it is running low in ink. Continue using the ink cartridge until the printer tells you that it’s empty.

8. Keep the ink flowing
Make sure you print something at least once a week using both your colour and black in to prevent the ink from drying.

9. Check for clogs
The printer uses tiny little spray nozzles to get ink onto the paper. These nozzles can become clogged. Cleaning the nozzles every few weeks will ensure the printer will spray out ink more freely resulting in less reprints.

10. Use the correct printer
Buy a printer that is suited for your needs. For instance if you need moderate printing in black only, buy a monochrome printer as it will be cost effective.



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