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Multifunction Printer Rentals

Multifunction printers are the common choice for budget-minded organisations looking to consolidate resources, cut costs and improve workflow.

Printer Rentals

Renting a Multifunction Printers is an economical method for a company to operate equipment assets without having to outlay the full purchase price of the equipment initially.  
Typically the cost of renting a printer on a monthly agreement is as follows:
Basic printer rental
This will be for an entry level printer which is ideal for a home office or small business. Typically this is for black and white printing with no scanning functionality. Monthly printer rental from R199.
Printer rental for a small office
If you looking to rent a printer offering good printing speed and basic scanning functionality, copying and faxing, then a desktop printer is the best option and is ideal for small businesses with low print volumes.   Monthly all-in-one printer rental from R299.
Multifunction printer rental
These robust all in one printers are best for busy offices that have printing, scanning and copying requirements. These printers provide all-in-one capabilities with additional options such as binders and sorters for additional convenience.  Monthly rentals for multifunction printers from R399.
Business multifunction printer rentals
This printer offers all the functions you require, including colour printing, colour scanning, colour copying, scan-to-email and faxing.  These all-in-one printers are ideal for busy organisations and can be bundled with software to control access, assign selected users and monitor monthly usage. Multifunction printer rental from R749 per month.
Why Printer Rental?
Most organisations prefer to rent Multifunction Printers due to a number of benefits. We briefly highlight them below.
Save on Cash Outlay
The obvious primary advantage of renting a printer is a reduced initial cash outlay. Bottom line is your cash can be used for other important operating expenses other than buying all-in-one printers.
Monthly Cost
Leasing of your photocopier allows companies to operate their entire office automation (such as copiers and printers) for a contracted monthly fee that will remain as discussed for the term of the agreement. 
Technology Change
You can keep pace with improving technology. If your office automation systems requirements change as your business evolves, the agreement can be reviewed to reflect an upgrading to allow your business to run efficiently and effectively.
Tax Advantage
Since the tax is paid monthly with each payment it is not capitalised up front on the total investment resulting in repayments being considered an operating expense and are consequently tax deductible. 
Payment Plans
Customised and flexible repayment periods over 2 to 5 years. 
Going Green
We comply with a whole raft of regulations regarding the safe, environmentally friendly disposal of your office automation equipment. The disposal and logistical difficulty is our responsibility.
Total Convenience
All brand new equipment is configured to your requirements and delivered to your premises and installed by our qualified technicians. 
Service Agreements
With our service agreement we offer onsite, remote, as well as telephonic support giving you a complete solution.  This will reduce downtime and ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money. 
With all that said, from a purely financial point of view, over a period it would be more economical to purchase. If you buy your copiers and MFPs outright you will not pay interest on them, but bear in mind multifunction printers depreciate faster than cars, and unlike some cars they do not get old enough to attain classic collectable status. 
Need more information? Read our multifuntion printer buying guide for more information on buying a printer. 
PanSolutions Multifunction Printer Rental
All printer rental agreements include maintenance, supplies, and parts (excluding paper), on short term or long term contracts, with an agreed number of free copies.  We offer flexible printer rental agreements which allows us to customize the agreement to meet your needs.  We are also able to upgrade or change your multifunction printer or agreement as your business grows and changes.
Contact PanSolutions or request a quote and see how we can propose a customised rental or outright purchase option on the ideal printer, copier or all in one system.
*Please note the above information is not a quote or a fixed price, it is simply a guide to give you a rough idea of a printer price.

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