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Colour Printing: Control the Cost

Multifunction Colour Printers are essential assets to every business. Printing your business collateral in colour is a necessary cost of doing business and has many benefits that can set you apart from your competition. However, printing in colour can be costly, that is why it is essential to manage your printer resources effectively to minimise your colour printing costs.
Below we highlight some effective ways to minimise your colour printing costs.
Restrict colour printing access to a limited number of people
Most colour multifunction printers have the ability to assign types of user groups. You can then decide which user groups have access to print in colour and which do not.
Use account codes to restrict access to colour printing
A similar way to restricting user groups, is to assign each individual with a code that they need to enter before printing in colour.  You can either set a quota for number of colour prints per user or you can allow only certain users the ability to print in colour. 
Set printer default to black and white
Many people print in colour by default just because it is a colour device.  You can set the device to print in black and white by default and only if a user selects to print in colour will the device produce a colour print.  This way the user has to make a conscious choice to print in colour before selecting the colour option.
Consolidate your fleet of colour printers
If you have multiple printers across departments you may be able to save substantially on your colour printing cost by consolidating these devices into a larger, more efficient Multifuntion Printer (MFP).  Eliminating the costly personal desktop printer and directing all colour prints to a cost effective printer will result in saving on your bottom line.
Fact: On average the difference in cost per page on personal printers versus shared network printers is 20 cents per page, that is a potential cost saving of R10 000 for every 50 000 pages printed. 
Use software to control colour costs
Most printer brands have software option that are compatible with their devices and can result in cost savings.
For example MyQ which is compatible with selected Kyocera MFPs allows you to take control of your printing by specifying which individuals can print in colour and has an option for rule based printing which ensures the print job is sent to the most economical device based on the type of print, volume of print and size of print.  It ultimately allows you to manage, control and monitor your documents across your fleet.
More info on MyQ
Three tier billing is also available for selected Kyocera MFPs and is specifically designed to control the cost of colour printing. Instead of having a standard cost per colour print, the system is designed to bill you on the total colour coverage on the print. For example, a colour letter head print will be significantly cheaper than a full page colour graph. Three tier billing can reduce colour printing costs by up to 50%. Read more on three tier billing
As a company, having control over your document flow and being able to control and monitor all devices can add significant savings to your bottom line.

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