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How to repair a fax machine

Before picking up the phone to call a fax machine repair company, consider attending to the problem yourself. In many cases the fault is not a complex one, and simply by checking the electrical cord, lamp, toner and cleaning the interior, you may be able to repair your fax machine promptly.

One way to ensure that your fax machine performs optimally is to carry out routine monthly maintenance using high-quality supplies. One of the most common fax machine problems is paper jams, and it’s important to train staff members in the proper fax machine etiquette. If a jam occurs, avoid tearing faxes out of the machine and never use abrasive objects such as pens or scissors that may damage delicate parts within your fax machine.

Keeping your fax machine clean, well stocked with toner and operating in an air-conditioned room will help it to deliver faxes effectively. If you own one of Panasonic’s multifunction fax machines, which integrate functions such as copying, scanning and networking printing, you can also keep your fax machine stocked with printer ink and ensure that these functions have the correct software in order to operate correctly. Visit Panasonic to view the full range of fax machines for office and home use.

Some fix-it-yourself fax machine tips

Fax machines may appear confusing to those who are not used to working with them, although in a nutshell, a fax machine scans a paper image and transmits it via modem to another machine. Similar to a copier, a document fed into the fax machine passes over a row of light detectors, which produce an electrical signal of varying voltage, depending on the light and dark parts on the page. The whole signal is then sent to a receiving fax machine, which transmits the signal and prints it onto paper. Fax machines often present common problems, and in many cases, they are easily rectified. Continue reading to find out more about fax machine problems and solutions.

  • Your fax machine won’t send or receive faxes: The modem or incoming telephone line connection may be disconnected. Plug a standard telephone line into your fax machine’s line and listen for a dial tone. If you hear a dial tone, test the line. If not, contact your telephone provider and request that the problem be fixed. While you’re dealing with cords, check that the electrical cord connecting your fax machine to the wall is properly plugged in.
  • You can only receive faxes: Check your fax machine’s exposure lamp. A fax machine uses light to convert an image to an electrical signal. If its exposure lamp is burned out, it may receive faxes, but will not be able to send them.
  • You receive complaints that you’re sending sub-standard quality faxes: Spilled toner ink or dust and debris may have accumulated inside your fax machine’s front panel. After you have changed toner cartridges ensure that you clean up spills as small particles may settle on the sensor and prevent the machine from sending crisp images. Using a clean and non-abrasive cloth, wipe away dirt from the inner panel.

Extend the life of your Panasonic fax machine with regular maintenance

Consider investing in a fax machine maintenance kit, which you can purchase from most reputable stationery stores. These kits typically consist of inner fax machine glass and mirror cleaners, lubricants, cloths and protective gloves, as well as compressed air, which assist in clearing away loose toner particles. Visit Pansolutions and view the full range of multifunction fax machines which support the running of active offices.

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