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For many businesses leasing a photocopier on a fixed term rental is a cost effective way of meeting their printing and copying requirements. Rental agreements reduce the initial capital outlay and usually include a maintenance and service plan for peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits of a fixed term rental agreement.

Tax Efficiency

Rather than purchasing a copier or printer outright, bear in mind the tax benefits of a rental agreement. When an organisation purchases a device they will typically have to write this off as a capital expense and can only claim a certain percentage of this back against profits. In most situations, with the rental agreement of a photocopier or printer, the entire rental payment is fully tax deductible.

No Capital Outlay

Paying several thousand of rands for a copier or MFP is often not feasible for your business.  With a rental agreement you can keep you cash flow under control.  With the current economic climate many companies are choosing rental agreements for their office equipment which helps alleviate the risk and pressure of a large capital expense. 

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Fixed Costs

When signing a rental agreement for your office copier you will have a fixed monthly cost which can be assigned to a cost centre in your yearly budget. The rental agreement will more than likely include installation, maintenance and some kind of service agreement and even training for employees, keeping you capital expenditure to a minimum.

Ability to upgrade

A great benefit of a rental agreement for your office automation is your ability to upgrade your equipment as and when your printing requirements change.  Over a 5 year period your business may grow and require a copier with greater functionality.  With a rental agreement you can often upgrade to a more suitable device to meet these growing requirements.  Your monthly cost may increase but you will not have the burden of trying to sell the old machine or trying to finance the new model. 

Flexible lease periods

Most good copier suppliers will be able to offer you a flexible rental agreement between 12 and 60 months to meet your situation. 

Although there are numerous advantages to the rental model, certain disadvantages of rentals may make it more beneficial for certain business to buy the copier outright. 

PanSolutions offers both short and long term fixed rental agreements for a wide range of copiers, multifunction printers and laser printers. Contact us for more information. 

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