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The World's No. 1 Selling Lamp-free Projector

Casio Projectors have again come out on top in the world of Projectors.

Casio projectors have been the world's No. 1 top-selling mercury lamp-free projectors rated at 2,500 lumens or higher for eight consecutive years.*

The world’s top seller for eight years running.

* Actual worldwide sales (2010-2017)
- Solid State Illumination Light Source projectors rated at 2,500 lumens or higher.
- Major manufacturers' share of worldwide unit sales of Solid State Illumination Light Source projectors rated at 2,500 lumens or higher.
Source: Futuresource Consulting Ltd.

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Casio Projectors are Made In Japan

Made-in-Japan precision and reliability give the LampFree Projector an even further edge.
The Casio LampFree Projector is manufactured entirely in Japan.
The laser and LED hybrid light source requires cutting-edge engineering with the most stringent specifications. Therefore, we constructed a manufacturing system that integrates the research and development departments of the Hamura Technology Center and the manufacturing and inspection departments of the Yamagata Casio Factory to quickly develop products. Additionally, at the Yamagata Casio Factory, we have introduced the latest fully-automated manufacturing line that performs precise projection quality inspections using our in-house-developed software. In addition, our world-class quality LampFree Projector is produced by skilled engineers using precise assembly work. Casio will use our own unique technology to continue to provide even more improved versions of the LampFree Projector to the world.


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