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Feature Rich A4-Size Departmental Scanner

Panasonic, a provider of industry leading document management and imaging solutions, announced today its new KV-S2087 A4-size departmental document scanner. The new scanner dramatically reduces scanning time, boasting high-speed capabilities of 85 pages or 170 images per minute. Increased speeds help alleviate back office time, ultimately saving business owners, administrators and staff both time and money. Even with its compact design, the KV-S2087 features a large capacity automatic feeder holding up to 200 pages per run, and is capable of scanning a wide range of documents from thin paper to passports and embossed cards. 
Ideal for offices and industries that require a high-speed and high-volume document management system—such as government, medical or legal offices—the KV-S2087, is a durable, reliable and flexible solution. Featuring several best-in-class functions, the Panasonic scanner works seamlessly with EMC software applications. Providing a full hardware solution for any SMB or enterprise seeking a robust document management solution, customers can capture a multitude of paper documents or forms and transform them into text-searchable electronic files, thereby improving accuracy, reducing retrieval times, and enhancing compliance capabilities.

Departmental Scanner

“We are committed to delivering the very best technology with our full line of high performance document management and imaging solutions, and the KV-S2087 is no exception,” said Joseph Odore, Product Manager for Document Management and Imaging Solutions, Panasonic. “The new departmental scanner boasts faster speeds than previous models and is extremely durable, reliable and flexible – providing our customers with an efficient and valuable solution for all their document management needs.”
The new KV-S2087 scanner includes robust features, such as: 
  • High-Speed Duplex Scanning: Operates in the highest speed class of all A4 departmental scanners, the KV-S2087 scans up to 85 pages per minute and up to170 images per minute, at either 200 or 300 dpi for black-and-white or color documents.
  • Large Document Feeder:  Holds up to 200 sheets of paper, saving time between set-ups for better overall efficiency.
  • Digital Imprinter: Enables text data to be added to a scanned image without physically printing text onto the original document. The optional post-imprinter adds text to the back side of the original document for easier comparison between original and scanned documents.
  • Intelligent Functions for Faster Scanning
    • Auto Preview: Includes up to nine preview options, allowing users to easily adjust image settings while previewing an image of the finished document to ensure the best quality output.
    • Auto “Rescan”: Enables users to adjust a scanned image without having to physically rescan the document.
    • Auto Detection: If an image quality problem is detected during the scanning process, the system uses four different levels of detection to alert users of an issue and gives them the option to correct the image without rescanning the document.
  • Durable Long-Life Roller: Offering one of the longest-life in its class, the roller mechanism is as reliable as it is durable reducing the frequency of replacements and delivering a lower total cost of ownership.

Pansolutions offers a range of Panasonic A4 and A3 colour high speed scanners please view our document scanner range or contact us for more information. 


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