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Wealth of Benefits

HyPAS will transform your KYOCERA MFP into a resource designed to evolve as your business evolves – resulting in enhanced information sharing, resource optimization and improved document workflows.

IT Management
•    Leverages existing IT infrastructure, business apps and databases.
•    Scalability; MFP adapts to changing workflow and network environments.
•    Helps maintain control over document, device and network integrity and security.
•    Improves visibility into usage and trends, for better management of workflow across an enterprise.

Decision Makers
•    Aligns MFP technology with business goals to meet most urgent needs, ensuring fast return on investment (ROI).
•    Safeguards intellectual property and helps meet rigorous compliance mandates, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.
•    Low implementation costs; HyPAS business apps typically do not require purchase of server hardware and software.

End User
•    Offers superior usability, with simple one-touch scanning operations; intuitive icons, buttons and form-fields speed job completion.
•    Enhances overall workgroup productivity and efficiency; engages the user through a familiar control panel.
•    Facilitates information sharing and collaboration, locally and globally.

HyPAS Applications

Lock the Colour Copy Function

Ideal for environments with open access to MFPs, ColourControl 2 is a simple and effective way to restrict access to colour on your HyPAS supporting device.

Public access to the black & white copy function is not limited. But only authorized users can unlock the colour copy function by logging in with ID card, password or PIN. This way, companies can implement colour capabilities to their work environment while at the same time controlling the costs of colour consumables.

Enhance your MFP for Easy Faxing

Did you ever try to send a fax from an MFP in a fax server environment? You may have to input a prefix and suffix as required by the fax server specifications apart from the regular fax number. This is complicated and takes long.
With FaxConnect, MFP faxing becomes fast & easy. The simple user interface on the MFP panel requires to input only the destination fax number – no need to enter anything else. Prefix, suffix and separators are automatically complemented when the fax is sent.
•    Facilitates the sending of faxes and e-mails from the MFP
•    Scan-To-Me and Scan-To-Folder with one click
•    Easy way to change default scan settings
•    LDAP directories can be accessed directly for quick access to contact information
•    Generic, for use with most common fax server types

Tear down the language barrier

Operating a modern MFP is easy. However, if you don't understand the panel language, it can become a barrier to perform the required operations.
Created for multinational companies, LanguageSelect allows to switch between all languages set on the device with one click.
•    No training necessary – operation is fast, easy and intuitive
•    Ideal for companies with multinational staff
•    Ensures that staff understand MFP panel operation text

On-demand computer-less printing

It is a challenge for many organizations to provide frequently needed documents and forms in an efficient manner: they have to be always up-to-date, and quickly accessible by all relevant staff. Many organizations pre-print their forms and documents; however, the costs and environmental impact of throwing away unused or out-dated copies can be immense.

QuickPrint provides a solution by offering immediate access to documents from the MFP panel for direct printing.
•    Quick access to all needed documents and forms directly from the MFP panel
•    Easy to use - no computer skills required
•    Print settings can be changed in the application

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